Vehicle Emissions

Thousands of Mercedes-Benz owners / previous owners could claim against the car company in relation to a “cheat device” similar to that of Volkswagen.

Our Director Alisha Butler is involved in the VW Group Litigation as a consultant and she states that: “Owners / previous owners may have claim similar to that of the VW group litigation claimants. These large manufacturers should not be deceiving the public with these cheat devices. People often buy their cars based on claims made by the manufacturers such as “environmentally friendly” or “Cleanest Diesel Cars Ever” but these AdBlue vehicles have been shown to have cheat devices which change the results of the emission tests so they show a reduction in emissions when being tested but then revert to higher emissions when back on the road. This is fraudulent and the general public are having the wool pulled over their eyes by companies they trust and we are here to fight their corner”

Around 80,000 people in the UK could be affected by AdBlur vehicles. If you own / did own or lease an AdBlue Mercedes vehicle after 2014 then you may be able to make a claim.

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