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Teacher Attempted Suicide After Failed Cannula Insertion

Teacher attempted to take her own life after a failed cannula insertion.

Amy Pohl began to feel unwell in November 2017 and was diagnosed with adult croup, says the Daily Mail Online. Croup is an infection that affects airways, voice box and windpipe.

In December 2017, Miss Pohl was admitted to the University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire for more tests when the antibiotics she has been given did not clear up the infection. Not long after, her medication caused a near-fatal reaction, sending her into the intensive care.

A week later, a failed cannulation (insertion of an IV tube into the veins) lead to Miss Pohl developing an infection, casing her wrist and hand to swell. A surgery under general anaesthetic was required to drain the abscess.

By January 2018, she was back in the hospital due to the daily pain and just few weeks later she was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). It is a condition in which a person experiences persistent severe and debilitating pain.

A study has suggested that in the UK, up to one in 3,800 people develop the CRPS each year.

Doctor’s diagnosis was devastating and had a huge effect on Miss Pohl’s mental health, since she was informed there is no cure.

The former primary school teacher experienced lack of sleep and flashbacks. She also developed post-traumatic stress syndrome. In her desperation, she was ready to have her arm amputated but which carried a possibility of pain spreading further.

Miss Pohl is bedridden and must be fed via a tube. This was the only option after she lost 56lbs (25kg) because the pain spread from her arm to her abdomen, making swallowing too painful.

The diseased also took away Miss Pohl’s independence. She struggles with basic physical contact, unable to even hug her parents. She cannot wash herself or get dressed on her own.

In May 2018, her health took a turn for the worse and she planned to commit suicide. CRPS sufferers often take their lives, making the condition also dubbed as the ‘suicide disease’.

Miss Pohl was discharged home after visiting the psychological unit. Unfortunately, even 40 tablets a day and oral morphine 12 times a day did not help with the pain.

By October 2018 she was rushed to the hospital again and was not able to return home since.

Her family believes Amy’s problems were due to the failed cannula insertion and claim after an MRI scan on her hand, Miss Pohl endured a four-and-a-half-hour operation to remove a piece of the original cannula, which proved to be fruitless as no piece was found.

Around the same time, she was diagnosed with functional neurological disorder (FND), often falling over, experiencing brain fog and inability to feel or move her legs.

Miss Pohl’s family hopes to raise £100,000 for specialist physiotherapy and STEPS rehabilitation, as there are no resources at the hospital or bed to receive treatment on the NHS elsewhere.

Her family is also speaking to a specialist lawyer to see if legal actions can be taken.

We believe Miss Pohl’s family has every right to seek legal advice, if the cannula insertion was in fact the reason for her condition. Miss Pohl’s quality of life following the incident has rapidly declined, and if the blame lays in an error by the hospital, she has the right to hold them accountable for her suffering.

It also reflects quite poorly on the NHS that they are not able to provide her with the physiotherapy and rehabilitation she requires. The fact that she must rely on donations to receive the care she needs is appalling. Our whole team wishes Miss Pohl our best and wholeheartedly hope she will be able to achieve her goal.

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