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Surgeon Leaves Woman Infertile

Surgeon leaves woman infertile after removing wrong fallopian tube.

On 7 March 2018, Chelsie Thomas went to the Walsall Manor Hospital after she experienced bleeding, reported BBC News.

During her hospital visit, it was discovered that Ms Thomas had an ectopic pregnancy.

The NHS explains that ectopic pregnancy happens “when a fertilised egg implants itself outside of the womb, usually in one of the fallopian tubes.”

When an egg gets stuck in the tubes, it does not develop into a baby. Continuing with the pregnancy can have serious health risks.

Since it is not possible to save an ectopic pregnancy, it is usually removed through operation or using medicine.

Ms Thomas was scheduled for a surgery the same day. When informing the surgeon that her scan showed the pregnancy in her right tube, she was met with a statement: “I’m a doctor, you should trust me.”

A week after the surgery, she was still in excruciating pain.

Upon returning to the same hospital she was treated at; a discovery was made.

The surgeon made a mistake and removed her left, healthy fallopian tube instead.

Her remaining fallopian tube had to be removed. To be able to have kids, she will require an IVF treatment.

Ms Thomas said that in the aftermath of the tragic incident, she experienced relationship breakdown with her partner, along with losing her job and having to take anti-depressants.

She also had to inform Riley, her six-year-old son, that he cannot have a sister or a brother.

She believes the surgeon who performed her surgery should never be allowed to operate on a woman ever again.

The hospital has apologised to Ms Thomas and admitted its error. Its medical director, Dr Matthew Lewis has admitted that the care provided to Ms Thomas fell below their standard and that the trust is working on learning from their mistakes.

Considering that around 1 in every 90 pregnancies in the UK is ectopic, the NHS should take better care in making sure mistakes like these do not happen again.

Ms Thomas’ solicitor, Jenna Harris who works at Irwin Mitchell, said that the initial procedure lacked “appropriate due diligence and attention.”

We certainly think that the mistake made by the surgeon was unacceptable. Ms Thomas did not become infertile due to any complications related to her ectopic pregnancy, but rather due to her surgeon’s negligence.

The error of one medical professional cost her not only the ability to have children, but also negatively influenced her mental health.

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