Prescribed Information

What is Prescribed information when it comes to Tenancy Deposit Claims?

Since 6th April 2007 your Landlord and/or agent must protect your deposit paid to them in respect of any Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements.

They also have to provide you with “Prescribed Information”

What is Prescribed Information? Prescribed information is the following:

a. Details of the scheme the deposit is protected in, inc name, address and contact details

b. An information leaflet supplied by the scheme administrator to the landlord or agent explaining the operation of the provisions of the scheme such as

i. Repayment of the deposit at the end
ii. What to do it either the landlord / agent or tenant is not contactable at the end of the tenancy
iii. How disputes about the amount of the deposit to be returned will be resolved

c. Facilities for out of court dispute resolution

d. A certificate signed by the Landlord or agent confirming the information is correct and you then have the opportunity to counter sign the document to confirm the information is correct, such as the deposit amount paid, when it was paid and that it is protected in a scheme and you have been given the information regarding which scheme


Prescribed information must be provided within 30 days and your deposit must be protected within 30 days of it being paid to the Landlord / Agent, not 30 days from the start of the tenancy.

Phoenix Solicitors have recovered almost ½ million pounds on behalf of tenants as a result of landlords and/or agents failing to comply with the regulations.
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