Services for Individuals

Our team have years of experience helping businesses with a wide range of issues, allowing them to meet all their legal needs and requirements.

Private Client

Our Private Client team offers services such as a Wills, Probate and Power of Attorney.

Medical & Dental Negligence

Our Negligence team can get you the treatment, rehabilitation, apology and compensation you need to get you back to where you need to be.

Catastrophic & Serious Injury

Our catastrophic and Serious Injury team will get you the treatment, rehabilitation, support and compensation to help you rebuild your life.

Motorcycle & Road Traffic Accidents

Our RTA team can help you with repairs to your vehicle, a hire, vehicle, early payment and rehabilitation after an accident. Our team of bikers understand the issues you will face.

Employment Law

Our Employment Law team can help you or your family with any contact disputes or issues at your place of work, where you think that your employer might be breaking the law.

Accidents at Work

Our Accidents at Work team can help you get treatment, claim loss of earnings and get compensation for your injuries whilst understanding the reluctance of claiming against your employer.

Housing Disrepair

Housing disrepair claims have been a hot topic. Especially since the UK government decided not to pass a law forcing landlords to make homes fit for human habitation.

Tenancy Deposits

If your landlord has failed to protect your deposit within 30 days then you are entitled to claim up to 3 times the value of the deposit back from them in compensation.