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Mersey Nurse Had No Idea She Had Sepsis

Mersey nurse had no idea she had sepsis.

Nicola Ore, a nurse for Mersey Care NHS Trust, had no idea she had sepsis.

Liverpool Echo reports that on 30 May 2018, Mrs Ore began to feel unwell, but reckoned she was just tired from working long hours.

She took some painkillers and went to bed early.

The following two days, Mrs Ore continued to work as a Clinical Lead, despite feeling unwell.

The nurse had a busy week, with a lot to do before going on annual leave in two weeks, so she pushed through it.

On 1 June, around 9am, her co-workers noticed there was something wrong with her.

The 50-year-old experienced confusion and shivers. Her work colleagues noticed her nails and lips turning blue.

They rushed her to A&E at Aintree Hospital, where Mrs Ore was diagnosed with sepsis.

Even though Mrs Ore is a nurse and knows how to spot signs of the deadly condition, she was not able to recognise her own symptoms.

The hospital gave her antibiotics and painkillers, before she was moved to a trauma unit.

She was kept in the hospital ward for three days.

On 4 June, she was released home.

Mrs Ore and her family, three children and husband Mike, say it was an incredibly traumatic time for them.

It took Mrs Ore close to a year to recover fully. The illness had affected her short-term memory, including her ability to remember numbers, dates and names.

Mrs Ore has been told she was extremely lucky to be treated when she was. People often die from sepsis when left untreated for too long.

The nurse admits that as a trust, they are coming across more and more cases of sepsis than ever before.

Mrs Ore was quite fortunate she was not left with any lasting damage, unlike many other sepsis sufferers.

Sadly, not everyone is as lucky as Mrs Ore. Unlike her, many other sepsis survivors suffer from a range of lasting effects.

Despite the raising sepsis awareness, many people have their condition diagnosed too late or suffer from poor treatment. This can lead to complications such as tissue damage, organ failure, need for amputation etc.

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