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Liverpool Women’s Hospital Negligence Bills on the Rise

The Liverpool Women’s Hospital faces huge compensation claim pay-outs as the number of women receiving negligent treatment grows.

Shocking new figures have been released this week reflecting the huge amount of compensation claims that are paid out annually due to Medical Negligence.

Because the Women’s Hospital has more patients than any other hospital in the UK, there of course are more cases of Medical Negligence being filed. The hospital deals with patients from outside the city as they have some of the best treatments and aftercare facilities for more complicated cases. The knock on effect to the understaffing issues and budget cuts means more mistakes are being made which can leave family’s not only devastated but also struggling to find the money and time to continue life as normal.

Being pregnant and giving birth are two of the most terrifying and stressful times in any family’s life. When we go under the care of a midwife or doctor, we assume we are getting the very best in treatment. For some women however, this is not the case. Many complications throughout pregnancy, during labour and the subsequent aftercare, is leaving some women and their family’s lives turned upside down.

Mistakes that are made during pregnancy and childbirth are the most overwhelming concern for any expectant mother. Sadly when mistakes do occur it can lead to very expensive pay-outs as the negligence can have an effect on the infant’s development and aftercare they may need in the future and possibly for the rest of their lives.

In the last five years the Liverpool NHS has paid out a total of £58.8m for Medical Negligence cases, so almost 1/5 of this bill is due to negligence cases against the Liverpool Women’s Hospital alone. This figure is an outstanding amount and although sometimes in life there are complications and tragedies how many of these cases could have been avoided had the correct protocol’s been adhered to.
With this number continuing to rise at a steady rate, we are looking into a rather concerning future for patients and the NHS system itself. With the current state of the NHS system and the further budget cuts that are to be expected, this problem shows no sign of improvement.

If you feel like you could have suffered Medical Negligence while pregnant or after giving birth then you may well be entitled to begin filing a claim. If we feel we can take on your case we will make sure everything is explained clearly and quickly, we will help guide you through what is already a very stressful time in your life and we will ensure any money you receive is done justly and thoroughly.

Our aim, as your representation is to be able to deal with the legal aspects and the paperwork that go toward making up a solid case and securing the amount you will receive. We know how hard this part is as you will have to go over details of your experience, giving us any correspondences you have from your health care practitioners and hospital staff. We need a clear picture of what happened to you so we can assure that you not only win your case but that you are also able to concentrate on what is important at this time, you and your family being able to return to some sense of normality knowing you can take out money issues as a concern.

We are here to help you and guide you through this. If you feel you may be entitled to compensation after suffering from Medical Negligence then contact us and we can give you a fair and straight answer.

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