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Homeowner Discovers More Than 400 Faults in his New-Build Property

Buying a new build home can be incredibly exciting. Many future owners dream of having a new house and a fresh start. However, it is easy to get caught up in the fantasy and not realise the issues that come with many new-build houses.

Joe Tompkinson told the Daily Mail his own experience with purchasing a £400,000, new-build property. He claims that his house has more than 400 faults.

In December 2017, Joe and Claire Tompkinson moved into a property in Swindon, Wiltshire. Their house was constructed by Linden Homes, the house-building division of Galliford Try.

Only three weeks after moving in, the couple noticed many issues with their new property.

One of the first problems was tiles falling off the roof. Hearing the tiles fall at night has made them worried for the safety of their three children.

The car parked in their driveway sustained £3,000 worth of damage due to loose tiles. This was eventually reimbursed, but not before Linden claimed that it was an act of god caused by wind, which is frankly unreliable to consider.

The long list of issues with the property includes:

  • Tiles on the roof secured by duct tape
  • Ceilings built too low
  • Poorly aligned walls leading to the back garden
  • Unbolted banister
  • Sinking bathroom floor
  • Badly fitted carpeting
  • Unfinished plasterboard in the kitchen
  • Gap between window sill and wall
  • Cracked concrete flooring in the garage
  • Missing brickwork
  • An extractor pipe not connected to the extractor fan in the bathroom
  • Poorly fitted insulation in the loft

More than 400 faults could be found at one point. Whilst some of them have been repaired, more than 100 remain.

Despite the appalling workmanship, Tompkinson family would like to continue living in the property. They like their neighbours and the area, as well as the five-minute proximity to their children’s school.

An independent survey discovered by Mr Tompkinson through a subject access request under the Data Protection Act uncovered that their roof was condemned. Majority of tiles were incorrectly secured and soffits were built too low.

He claimed that Linden would not release the report after being repeatedly asked for it by the homeowner or provide a copy to the National House Building Council (NHBC). The firm allowed the family to live in that house for 18 months, knowing for six of them that the roof was not up to standards.

The homeowner has also mentioned that Linden promised £7,350 to cover expenses for the repair work. He booked a three-week holiday, so that the house can be empty for repairs, but said that the firm have since withdrawn the offer.

The Tompkinson family is not the only one that had issues with Linden Homes. Tenants in one of their estates in Colchester have also claimed that the building is in shambles. The developers receive numerous complains from the tenants about the unfinished work.

In its current state, it is concerning that Linden Homes has been approved for further developments, such as the 900 new homes which are to be built on 90-acre sit in East Yorkshire

In November 2018, MP Ed Vaizey has singled out Lindon as ‘probably the worst developer in his constituency’, mentioning the alarming state of houses the developer build in Oxford.

Mr Tompkinson is rightfully concerned that more houses will be build up to Linden Homes’ appalling standards. His desire for the Government or the local authority to asses whether the company should be building more houses is also not unfounded.

The large amount of disputes the company has been having with residents across the country does not bode well for the future clients. No resident or homeowner should have to put up with living in subpar property and be taken advantage of by developers.

If you are experiencing problems with your new build home, you do not have to bear with its issues, especially if they pose a risk to your health and safety.

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