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Cyclists At Risk From Potholes

It is no secret that local roads are in terrible condition. According to MPs, this has caused an increase in the number of cyclists that have been injured and cars that have been damaged.

A report published this month and mentioned in The Times states that in the recent years, unfilled potholes have seriously compromised safety.

The successive governments have been accused of a dereliction of duty over funding by the transport committee. The backlog of repairs is estimated to need almost £10 billion and a decade to be completed.

Since 2010, the local government funding has dropped by 25%, which caused the councils to shift the areas in which they prioritise money.

The report suggested a five-year settlement, which would provide more certainty over funding to the local authorities in England. This could force them to improve roads which are part of the local network, excluding big A-roads and motorways. 153 councils would oversee the maintenance.

In 2016, 71 cyclists were either killed or seriously injured in accidents related to the badly maintained roads. This is more than triple the number from 10 years earlier.

In 2017, the estimated damage to vehicles from potholes reached £915 million, an increase of 34% in a year. Distorted wheels, broken suspension springs and damaged shock absorbers are some of the most common issues.

£1.1 billion a year is being spend on local roads by the central government. This is quarter of the total amount spent on local roads annually. Building developers and council tax cover the rest.

Unfortunately, many councils today choose to patch and mend the roads, which does not deal with the problem the way a complete repair would. Complete resurfacing of the local roads only happens once every 67 years.

A 2019 study by Asphalt Industry Alliance revealed that 11% of all local roads are in a poor condition, while 25% displayed signs of deterioration.

Labour chairwoman of the committee, Lilian Greenwood, explains that cash-strapped councils are using the money from the highways and transport budgets to be able to fund core services.

The transport spokesman for the Local Government Association, Martin Tett, has said that out of every £1 in central government funding, the councils have lost 60p between 2010 and 2020. The need to redirect funding is increasing to be able to keep up with the demand for homelessness support, adult social care and children’s services.

It becomes evident that actions need to be taken to improve the state of our local roads and funding needs to be used for its delegated purpose.

As important as all the other services are, so is the safety on the road. Cyclist should not be put at such great risk and their safety should not be pushed aside.

Additionally, the damage sustained by vehicles due to potholes is already costing everyone millions. The increase in damage portrays a clear decline in condition of our roads and the situation needs to be addressed as a serious concern.

If you are a cyclist that has been seriously injured in a bicycle accident due to the neglectful state of the roads, you deserve an apology and compensation to cover the costs of your recovery. If your accident happened within the last three years, you may be able to make a claim.

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