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Couple’s All-Inclusive Holiday Ruined

Couple’s all-inclusive holiday was ruined by dreadful food

With summer in full swing, many people will be enjoying the hot weather and going on holiday.

Some will have a brilliant time away but not everyone will be able to enjoy themselves.

In the case of two holidaymakers, their vacation was filled with subpar service and repulsive food.

Luke Whatley, 26, and his girlfriend Hannah Coughlin, 22, went on TUI holiday to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

The couple stayed at the four-star hotel, DIT Evrika Beach Club.

They payed for an all-inclusive vacation, with buffet style dining served each day.

On the first evening upon arriving at the hotel, the couple found the buffet fare very rubbery, forcing them to get burgers elsewhere instead.

The premium room they booked, that was supposed to include a beach view and coffee and tea facilities, was not as described.

Upon checking in, their beach view was in fact a bin-lined alley view. There were no teabags and the coffee machine was broken.

On the following day, the TUI rep said the changing of the rooms can be considered next week, but this is not what the couple has payed for.

Whilst eating at the hotel’s buffet another day, Mr Whatley found a crawling maggot inside his chicken burger.

Something like this would be enough to put anyone off their appetite.

After spitting out his burger, Mr Whatley and Ms Coughlin decided to abandon their meal and the restaurant to eat somewhere else.

To keep his temper at bay and not say something he might regret, Mr Whatley went to see the TUI rep a day or two after the incident.

He emailed her photographs of the burger and was assured that the hygiene manager of the hotel will be informed and the complaint will be registered.

The couple decided not to eat the buffet style restaurant again, not wanting to risk another food issue.

This forced the couple to live off the food outside of the hotel and they claim to have spent over £700 on food and drinks.

The couple had not budgeted for eating out for all meals, considering it was supposed to be an all-inclusive holiday.

To keep the costs down, the pair even skipped meals and bought snacks from a nearby shop.

The couple gave few of the other hotel restaurants a try during the second week of their stay when they were running low on money, however they were only allowed to go to each restaurant once per hospital policy.

Despite the food being cooked in front of them at one of the restaurants, Ms Coughlin’s chicken skewer was still not cooked through and she experienced belly ache the next day.

The day before they were meant to leave, the couple had only 20 lev (Bulgarian currency) left and could not afford a meal. This forced them to go back to the hotel buffet.

Ms Coughlin took two bites of her lunch, a plate of chicken in red sauce with rice, before having to check her food as she believed it was not the right texture.

The chicken was red in the middle and her boyfriend could see blood on the inside.

Ms Coughlin was close to tears and the couple had enough.

Enraged, Mr Whatley showed the chicken to the TUI rep, who heaved in disgust.

The couple received apologies and the complaint was registered. They were given 70 lev as token of goodwill to buy a meal.

Upon returning from holiday, disappointed Mr Whatley lodged a complaint with TUI. After 29 days, he received a reply insisting that it was an ‘isolated incident’.

TUI also counted the 70 lev as compensation for the couple’s trouble.

We can fully understand why Mr Whatley was disheartened by the reply. 70 lev is not even close to the compensation the couple should have received from the company for their ruined holiday and putting their health at risk.

TUI has handled the complaint incredibly poorly, seemingly not caring about its customers. We honestly cannot blame Mr Whatley for never wanting to book with TUI again.

The company’s UK spokesperson said how ‘very sorry’ they were to hear of the couple’s holiday experience and that the ‘resort rep worked hard to resolve their issue’. (quoted from The Daily Mail online)

They will keep in touch with Mr Whatley’s party to offer an apology and a gesture of goodwill.

The spokesperson made sure to mention that they ‘carry out regular health and safety audits, including hygiene, at all of the hotels we feature’ but considering Mr Whatley and Ms Coughlin’s experience, it is rather hard to believe.

The spokesperson’s declaration does not guarantee that the couple will be compensated further for their appalling service. It also does not rectify their previous treatment.

Many people are promised fantastic, all-inclusive holidays from travel and tourism companies. Unfortunately, they are often disappointed with the quality of their holiday.

A ruined holiday can be a huge let down, especially after saving up for a long time to go and take a relaxing break.

If your holiday has been ruined and you would like to receive compensation or advice, call our friendly team today.

Fill out a claim form here or call our team on 0151 306 3694 to discuss your circumstances.


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