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Council House With Inch Wide Cracks

Recent BBC news article has shown an example of how problematic the council housing can be.

In the article, David Boase, a council tenant, explains that the house he has been living in for 6 years has “inch-wide” cracks outside and inside the home. He described the property as “neither safe nor secure”. (Quoted from the BBC News article)

Mr Boase said that the situation at the Swindon end-of-terrace house has worsened and he worries for the safety of his family. Mr Boase lives with his wife Becki and their three young children.

Swindon Borough Council has stated that they had reports of “minor cracking” a year ago and there is no risk of harm for the family.

Mr Boase claims otherwise, saying that new cracks at the house have been repeatedly reported to the local authority and has received an unfathomable response in return.

The father of three first reported the issue over a year ago. The council responded, saying that the subsidence was not too serious and would be monitored. Further reports on the matter from Mr Boase have been “ignored”.

In the beginning of October, another crack has appeared in the family’s kitchen, running across the wall. The crack spread further and reached the ceiling within three days.

A council spokesman has commented on the issue, stating that the initial survey carried out last year only reported “very minor cracking” and the situation is being monitored.

Again, Mr Boase disagreed, saying that in the past 12 months, no effort has been made to monitor the property and that the initial inspection “revealed inch wide cracks” everywhere, unclosable windows and unlockable front door.

Few weeks prior to the article, family contacted the council again. A survey was then carried out by a structural engineer.

The tenants have been assured that cracking seems to be cause by “clay sub-soil and large mature trees” and no harm will come to them. Cosmetic repairs will take place in the next week and “structural and remedial repairs” will be carried out as soon as possible.

Mr Boase has been told that the house would need underpinning and majority of the back wall would need rebuilding.

If like Mr Boase you are dealing with issues at your rented property, you could claim for housing disrepair.

Claiming for housing disrepair can include the following:

  • A claim for compensation for the cost of the repairs to the property;
  • Inconvenience due to the Landlords failure to repair and any disruption caused by the works;
  • Personal injury related to the conditions such as asthma caused by damp or mould;
  • A claim for reduction or refund of rent if they haven’t been able to use part of or all of their home because of the disrepair;
  • A potential claim for damage to belongings or furniture caused, for example, by damp and mould.

If the rented property has leaking pipes, mould, damp, cracked walls, rotten windows or a leaking roof and you have notified your landlord only to be dismissed, contact us.

We can help you make a claim and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Fill out a claim form here or call our team on 0151 306 3694 to discuss your circumstances.

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