Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation includes claims for:

  1. Breach of Contract
  2. Debt Claims such as when someone owes you money for work you have carried out;
  3. Product Liability such something wrong with something you have bought like a second-hand car or washing machine
  4. Boundary disputes such as shared fences or driveways
  5. Flight delay claims when
  6. Bank charges claims
  7. Professional Negligence such as claims against a previous Solicitor for failure to take reasonable steps to secure a successful conclusion to a claim

Phoenix Legal Solicitors can help you with a variety of Civil issues such as those listed above. All Civil claims are dealt with in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules and we offer to work on no win, no fee agreements, contingency fee agreements, Legal Expense Insurance policy authorisation, and a private basis.

Our no win, no fee agreement deductions range from between 0 – 100% success fee capped at 25% of your damages.

Our contingency fee agreements are set at 25% of any compensation.

Legal expense insurance policy authorisation means that your insurers will pay our costs and so we will not deduct anything from your compensation.

Our private fees depend on the experience of the fee earner and can be found on our price list.

If you have a legal problem that you need help or advice with then please contact us on 0151 306 3694 or email