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Have you been affected by Japanese Knotweed?


Japanese knotweed is a large perennial plant that can grown 4 inches per day during the summer. Because of its rapid growth it was been known to damage building structures and substructures by targeting week points such as cracks in masonry and attempting to grow through them. It can also cause damage to building foundations and retaining wall structures. Its underground roots can block drains, grow between slabs of concrete drives, disrupt brick paving, undermine garden walls, and overwhelm outbuildings and conservatories. It is also extremely difficult to get rid of.

The Court of Appeal dismissed a challenge by Network Rail in relation to private nuisance claims against them in respect of Japanese Knotweed. This means that claims can be made against the company for the effect that the presence Japanese Knotweed has on the value of a property and the owners ability to sell it.

Those with it will know that when selling a property you must declare whether your property is affected by the Japanese Knotweed or not.

Below is a map of those areas in the Wirral and North West area that are affected by Japanese Knotweed:

If you have been affected by Japanese Knotweed then get in touch with Phoenix Legal Limited and our experienced Solicitors will guide you through the process, we will instruct an independent Japanese Knotweed Specialist, structural Engineer and/or Home Valuation Service so that we can ensure that all aspects of the effects on your property are assessed. This will all be done on a NO WIN, NO FEE basis, meaning you will not be asked for any money up front, we cover all costs of making the claim and if you claim is not successful then you will not be asked to pay anything.


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