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Baby Boy Died Because of Hospital Neglect

Baby boy died because of hospital neglect

On 26 September, Louise Davies, 36, was due to have a caesarean at 39 weeks at the Basildon Hospital in Essex. Her scans showed that the baby was in the breach position.

In the morning, she was given a scan and changed into a surgical gown. By 2.30pm, she was informed that the operating theatre was available, however there was not enough staff to look after her and not enough free beds.

She was discharged from the hospital and scheduled for the next available operation slot on 2 October. A day later she began to experience contractions and at 4pm called the hospital.

She was initially told not to come in, but when she did arrive, the mother-to-be was instructed to sit in the waiting room.

She spend almost an hour in the waiting room before a midwife seen to her, by which point she was distressed and began shouting, certain that the process was taking too long and her baby was going to die.

On 27 September 7.16pm, Miss Davies’s baby, Ennis Pecaku, was born.

Six hours after the delivery, the new parents were told Ennis’ condition was so bad that he will never be able to talk or walk.

When the couple was informed that that their baby boy was going to die, they became incredibly distressed and blamed the doctors involved.

At 2am, the parents decided to turn off Ennis’ life support.

Miss Davies said that after the tragedy, the midwives would not speak to her, offering no support and flat out avoiding her.

Additionally, Miss Davies family doctor was not informed by the hospital about what happened to her baby. When Miss Davies called her GP for a six-week check, she was told to bring the baby.

At an inquest, it was revealed that the baby was asphyxiated for roughly 25 minutes before and during his birth.

Caroline Beasley-Murray, the coroner, stated that Ennis ‘would have probably survived’ if not for the series of failures from the medical staff and if he was delivered earlier than 7.16pm.

Unfortunately, the staff made numerous critical mistakes and an innocent baby died became of it.

Mid and South Essex University Hospitals Group has acknowledged that their care is not up to good standards but claim they have made some improvements, learning from their mistakes.

This in no way excuses the care Miss Davies received and its outcome. She went through one of the most traumatic events a woman can go through due to the hospital’s negligence.

What happened to Ennis was an incredible tragedy, which will affect his mother for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately, cases of medical negligence such as these are on the rise. Many patients who require treatment at a hospital suffer because of negligent care.

We want you to know that help is out there. You do not have to suffer medical errors in silence.

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