Accidents at Work

Having an accident at work can be a stressful and traumatic experience. We expect to be safe at our workplace however, sometimes accidents can happen. You may have to take extended leave from employment or even in some cases never be fit for work again. The financial worry of not making your mortgage payments or being unable to pay your bills can add to the stress and that’s where we can help.

When we go to work we are owed a duty of care by our employers to make sure that not only the environment is safe, but also the way in which we do our jobs and the tools we use are also safe.

Your employer should have insurance and so you will be claiming from your employers insurance and not your employer. Your employer has a duty to ensure that your working environment is safe.

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For a limited time only, if you move your Accident at Work claim to us from another firm we will deduct 0% of your compensation.

This means that you will recover 100% of your compensation and we will limit our costs to those that we recover from the Defendants.

Our lawyers regularly help people to claim accident at work compensation following injuries caused in a range of situations, including incidents involving:

  • Lifting and manual handling
  • Faulty or dangerously placed machinery
  • Defective or lack of  personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Lack of training or inadequate training
  • Falls from heights
  • Slips and trips
  • Accidents caused by another employee
  • Acoustic shock
  • Asthma
  • Back injuries
  • Burns and scars
  • Construction accidents
  • Dermatitis
  • Dust, fumes, chemical and gas injuries
  • Farm accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Head Injuries
  • Manual handling
  • Military accidents
  • Hypodermic needle Injuries
  • Industrial Disease
Phoenix Solicitors Wirral - Accidents at Work Claims

How do I make an Accident at Work claim?

We know that making a claim against your employer can often be a difficult decision to make as you may feel you could lose your job as a result. You cannot be fired for making a claim. You have the right to make a claim if your employer has put you at risk that has resulted in an injury.

How the Process Works

We offer a free initial consultation with our Solicitors. If we advise that you may have a claim then we offer a no win, no fee agreement, which means you don’t have to pay anything upfront or if your claim is unsuccessful*

* Subject to entering into a No Win No Fee agreement in conjunction with an After the Event insurance policy and complying with your responsibilities under its terms.

What Should You Do If You Have Had an Accident at Work?

Following an accident at work, there are several, very important steps you must follow in order to be able to prove negligence by your employer.

  • Make sure that you report it and it is logged into the accident book.
  • Go to see your GP or go to the Hospital and get your injuries checked out.
  • Contact the Department for Working Pension and advise them that you have had an accident at work – an “industrial injury”.
  • Check your employment contract for your terms regarding sick pay as you will either be entitled to statutory sick pay or company sick pay

What Must You Be Able To Prove?

Being able to prove what happened is imperative to winning your case. You can massively improve your chances of winning your claim by following these steps.

  • You need to be able to prove you suffered an injury
  • That your employer has breached their duty of care
  • The breach of duty that has caused your injury
  • That it was reasonably foreseeable that you would suffer an injury as a result of your employer’s negligence

How Much Can I Claim?

As every case is unique and individual, it is impossible to say how much you could receive. Depending factors are:

  • Severity of accident
  • Loss of earnings as a result of the incident
  • Psychological trauma from the incident
  • Ongoing treatments that you may need as a result of the accident
  • Whether you are no longer fit for work

At your initial consultation we can give you a better idea of the amount of compensation that could be owed to you.

How Long Will My Claim Take?

One of the most common questions we are asked is, “How long will my claim take?” Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing how long it may take. Each case is different and individual. So we promise to work tirelessly to ensure the claim is handled with all the facts and details of your injury being fully recorded so there are minimal time delays for you. This is where your fresh account of the incident and witness statements will help us to achieve a faster time limit as key details may get forgotten over time.

Is there a time limit to my claim?

You have three years in which to make a claim for an accident at work. This is from either the date of your accident or from the point where it was discovered that your employer and work environment were responsible for your injuries.

Data for Accidents at work for 2016

  • 3 million People suffered from a work related injury or illness
  • 137 Employees died whilst at work
  • 4 million days working days are lost due to injury or illness

There are thousands of work related injuries that are never reported due to people feeling intimidated by their employers or a sense of loyalty to their employers. If you have suffered an accident or an injury and the blame falls onto your employer then you have the right to be heard and to make a claim against them.

We make sure that any compensation you receive will be inclusive of any further treatment you require or any care that you may need in order to carry on with your life. We will work on behalf of you to ensure that you get the right amount you deserve.

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